Winners Botanical Jury October 2018

For our plant breeders there is a botanical jury. They give an award to the stands of breeders who are considered exceptional. These marks of honor can either reward a recent novelty, a collection or an exceptional achievement or can be given for something that attracts attention.

Composition of the Botanical jury:

  • Ivo Pauwels (chairman)
  • Jan Hendrickx (Garden contractor and plant expert)
  • Mia Wagemans (Garden lady)

The "Special Prize José De Buck" went to Marcel de Wagt for Aster novi-belgii 'Strammer Max'.

Jan Spruyt – Van der Jeugd for Andropogon hallii ‘JS Purple Konza’.

Tuinvarenkwekerij van Driel for Dryopteris erytrosora var. prolifica ‘Minima’.

Graefswinning for the beautiful peonies roots.

The "Special Prize Harry van Trier" went to PlantenTuin Esveld for Lindera angustifolia.

Pépinière du Vent Val et Bonnivers for Tapiscia sinensis.

Alpenplanten Cathy Portier for Lonicera syringantha.

Boomkwekerij Damien Devos for Diosporus kaki ‘Neustadt Weinstrasse’.

The Special Prize

The "Special Prize" went to Botanic Treasures for his own collection Magnolia ‘Guy Vervoort’ (M. sieboldii ‘Collossus’ x M. insignis ‘Anita Figlar’).